Sweets without sucrose with cocoa with protein in a blister – 13g.


Convenient packaging-a blister (each candy in a separate cell) can be carried even in a shirt pocket or small purse.
Sweets are made WITHOUT SUCROSE, and sorbitol and sucralose are used as sweeteners. They are most often used in the production of low-calorie and diabetic products.

Sorbitol is a natural sweetener, the main raw material for its industrial production is wheat or corn starch. In nature, it occurs in the fruits of mountain ash. Sorbitol is often used as a sugar substitute in diet foods and beverages. Despite its pronounced sweet taste, sorbitol is not a carbohydrate, so it can be consumed without harm to health for people suffering from diabetes.

Dry milk whey – recommended for use in men and women. It is used in various fields, often included in sports nutrition, as it has a positive effect on the growth of muscle mass. The product promotes health, is popular with those who are trying to lose weight. High biological value has made the product in demand in various industries. Most often, whey is used as a substitute for powdered milk.
From this product, a person receives vitamin B, which promotes good blood circulation, improves metabolism. For bones, you can get the necessary calcium from whey. Phosphorus has a stimulating effect on cell growth, and carbohydrates provide the necessary energy.

In addition, the product is rich in: potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, E, C, choline, nicotinic acid, biotin

 Soy protein isolate is a vegetable protein. The mass fraction of protein in the product composition is not less than 90%. In addition, after processing, soy plant fibers remain, the share of which is about 6%. There is practically no fat in soy isolate (up to 0.5%).

In addition, the product contains a number of essential elements that contribute to the activation of metabolic processes, act as antioxidants. These are trace elements such as zinc, iron, and macronutrients-sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

 Cocoa is a natural source of antioxidants, which prevents an increase in the number of free radicals in the body and fights the harmful effects of the external environment. Clinical studies have shown that the antioxidant power of cocoa is several times higher than that of apples, berries, and green tea.

Cocoa has conquered the world and now occupies a place of honor in modern cuisine, including in the form of chocolate. The health benefits of cocoa powder include reduced inflammation, improved heart and brain health, blood sugar levels and weight control, as well as dental and skin health benefits.

Sucralose-a sweetener is considered safe, and this speaks in its favor. The substance is free of carbohydrates and does not raise blood sugar levels. That is why food and beverages with the addition of this sweetener are in demand among diabetics. Sucralose retains a sweet aftertaste on the tongue longer than sugar, so it is added to food in small amounts. Resistant to bacteria, including those that live in the oral cavity. It is useful for tooth enamel and protects against tooth decay.


Sweetener sorbitol, whey powder, milk product substitute dry cream (corn syrup, palm oil, sodium caseinate, emulsifier (E471)), thickener maltodextrin, soy protein isolate (vegetable protein), alkalized cocoa powder, flavoring “Chocolate”, sweetener sucralose.