Sucrose – free caramel with isomalt with natural extracts of lingonberry, thyme and propolis, with vitamin C in a blister-16g


Such packaging-a blister (each candy in a separate cell) can be carried even in a shirt pocket or a small purse.
Caramel is made on the basis of isomalt, which is used as a sweetener in low-calorie and diabetic products.
Isomalt leaves no aftertaste, its taste is close to the usual taste of sugar.
The composition of caramel uses natural extracts of lingonberry, thyme and propolis, which makes the taste bright and rich.


Nutritional value per 100 g of product: carbohydrates – 87.9 g, caloric content (energy value) –
279 kcal (1168 kJ).
Store at a temperature not exceeding +25°C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.
It is not allowed to store caramel together with products that have specific odors.


Sweetener isomalt, starch molasses, acidity regulator citric acid, lingonberry fruit extract, propolis extract, Lingonberry flavor, thyme extract, natural chrome red dye, sweetener acesulfame potassium, vitamin C (ascorbic acid).