“Ascorbinka” with orange flavor in a blister -22.4 g.


Convenient packaging-a blister (each candy in a separate cell) can be carried even in a shirt pocket or small purse.

The product contains natural food ingredients

Sweets are enriched with vitamin C
Perfectly refreshes the breath, without leaving a chemical aftertaste
Contain “fruit sugar” (fructose), so it is useful for physical exertion or when playing sports.

The dosage of vitamin C corresponds to the daily consumption rate: 1 candy = 4 mg = 15 pieces = 100% of the daily consumption rate of vit. S. However, we recommend no more than 10 candies per day, because the product contains the sweetener sorbitol, which, if consumed excessively, can have a laxative effect.

The product is indicated for “smokers”, because 1 cigarette reduces the content of vitamin C in the body by 25 mg.


Sweetener sorbitol, fructose, dried orange juice, calcium stabilizer stearate, acidity regulator citric acid, food grade talc, flavorings: “Mint”, “Orange”, vitamin C (ascorbic acid).