“Ascorbinka” with apple flavor in a blister – 22.4 g.


The product contains a complex of probiotic bacteria: bifido-and lactobacilli, propionic-and acetic acid bacteria. The symbiosis of beneficial bacteria has a beneficial effect on the human body.


The recommended level of daily intake of vitamin C is 60 mg (TR CU 022/2011, Pr. 2).The content of vitamin C in 1 ascorbic acid is 5.6 mg (9.3% of the RUSP).
Probiotic bacteria at the end of the shelf life in 100 g of the product: 2. 5×10 5 CFU/g (in 1 piece: 7×10 3 CFU/g).


Glucose (monohydrate), calcium stabilizer stearate, acidity regulator malic acid, Apple flavor, thickener, anti-caking agent talc (food grade), dry fermented milk product (symbiotic starter culture of probiotic bacteria), vitamin C (ascorbic acid).